Winky owl.

My birthday nails! I really like these! They are fun for spring too! The bright blue really pops and shows off the flowers.

Fun tye-dye nails that were going to be my birthday nails but I decided I didn’t like them much with the black/glitter outline.

Colorful matte nails. :)

My Pac Man St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox world series nails. Obviously, the Cardinals are going to win. :)

So I painted this girl on my nails. Somehow it turned out better on my right hand which never happens!

I did these way too fast and then they bubbled up. So mad. I’m going to redo them. I still like my flawed drippy hearts though!

I’m in love with my new Maybelline Color Show Clearly Spotted polish!

I felt flowery. :)

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